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COVID-19 forced all of us to stay in our rooms. But art & culture isn't dead. We are still able to produce limitless pieces of art that will someday represent this historic time. At the moment, it's a high risk for young people to enter a music industry with no perspectives. Speaking personally, a lot of highly talented musicians decided to focus on something more stable. 
(Local) Culture is something we need to protect. DIIVISION's initiative of teaming up with local artists could be a life sign for those who forget about us.
"CHAOS THEORY" will be a fully pandemic-influenced record, written and developed in a little students bedroom. As we all miss our social interactions, DIIVISION contacted different local and regional artists to join a self-made corona record. Besides musicians like Mario (MODESTE), Judith Sum (MAYBE I'M A JEDI), Clara Mage, David Hahn (WHITEPAPER) and more, there are also creative people involved behind the scenes like QNTERBUNT, the Rudolf5 Initiative (Karlsruhe), QR Kollektiv (Leipzig) or DARKVISIONLABS, just to name some. More artists or creatives can join, but we all wish some kind of financial safety that allows us to work further on this experiment.
Together, we can create something beautiful
Why your support / donation matters:
- audio post production (mixing / mastering)
- pressing of physical media (CDs / Vinyl)
- marketing & social media support
- media content (music videos, short films, books, animations, whatever is possible)
- Events (Live-Sessions with all needed people on board)
- Home Streaming Equipment for sustainable content 

Together, we fight back against COVID. Be part. For any more informations (full songs, concepts, press) use the contact formula below:
Thank you!
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